FFXIV Armorer Leveling Guide: Repeatable Leve Locations & Grinding Options

I found leveling up Armorer was by far the most annoying profession to powerlevel but perhaps the cheapest to level slowly in Final Fantasy XIV. Fortunately, recent game changes have made leveling Armorer a much easier experience. In this Armorer leveling guide, I will be sharing with you the exact path to make leveling your Armorer as painless a process as possible.

I will be covering four things in this guide: tips to make leveling any craft easier, the best repeatable leves for leveling Armorer (best for those with limited leve allowances), the most economical leves for leveling Armorer (best if you have more leve allowances than you can spend), and the best path for grinding (if you want to level and have zero leve allowances).

FFXIV Armorer Leveling Tips

Before discussing specific leveling tactics for the Armorer, I wanted to discuss 4 quick tips that you can use to make leveling any craft easier in FFXIV:

  • Maximize Quality to Save Gil: Base experience points for any individual craft is a function of the level of the item you are crafting versus your current level. This base amount of experience points is boosted by the final quality score of the item you are crafting at the end of the crafting process. The higher the quality score, the more bonus experience points you will get for the craft (not to mention the higher the chance to make a high quality item). As a result, if you want to save gil, you will want to focus on increasing the amount of experience points generated per craft by maximizing quality.
  • Use Food: Food boosts experience point gain by 3% and can also be used to boost control (a stat that increases quality score). As the last point touches on, more quality means more experience points, so the extra control provided by food can boost your rate of experience point gain even further than the standard 3% food bonus. Raw Oysters are a good cheap food – a stack of 99 will last you from 1-50 (with some leftover) and usually only costs 3000-4000 gil for the entire stack of 99.
  • Keep Tools Up to Date: Your main hand and offhand tools provide the bulk of your Craftsmanship and Control stats. As a result, these are the only ones you really need to worry about replacing every few levels. You can easily go from 1-50 with only 2-3 total sets of armor and jewelry, but you will want to replace your mainhand and offhand every 5 or so levels.
  • Engineering Manuals Help At Low Levels: The Engineering Manual II is sold at the Grand Company Quartermaster for about 2300 seals. It gives you 50% bonus experience points generated via crafting for 2 hours (or 40,000 total bonus awarded, whichever comes first). This is very useful at low levels since 40,000 experience points is significant at these levels. You can go from about level 1 to level 15 on one Engineering Manual. Once you hit about level 30 the manuals become less useful because the amount of experience points required to level up increases so much with each level.
  • Turn in High Quality Leve Items: Turning in high quality items for leves will pay out twice the normal experience reward. This is a great way to get fast experience without burning through all your leve allowances.

Applying these few tips will make the leveling process significantly easier (and less expensive).

FFXIV Armorer Leves: Repeatable & Most Economical Leve Locations

For the uninitiated, a repeatable leve is a leve that can be turned in up to three times in a row for the cost of a single leve allowance. Upon turning in the quest, players are prompted if they want to turn in more items. Additional items can be turned in two more times after the initial quest turn-in. Each turn-in results in a full quest reward, allowing players to receive triple the base experience points.

However, with the release of patch 2.1, base experience points for single turn-in leves was increased significantly. As a result, while repeatable leves still maximize experience points per leve allowance, they are no longer always the default best option. Players can often save a lot of gil by using one of the new boosted single turn-in leves, earning about 2/3 the total experience of the repeatable leve for a much lower cost. As a result, I will also be including the “most economical” leves in this guide to denote easy single turn-in leves that still pay decent experience points.

Note: You get a significant bonus (twice the normal reward) for turning in high quality items during leves. Doing this will significantly improve the amount of experience earned per leve allowance.

Leveling up to 20

Repeatable leves do not start until level 20. Before that, only single-turn in leves are available. I recommended grinding to level 15 unless you are at 100 total leves allowances and want to save time. If you want to do leves through the low levels, you can start at level 5 (the level 1 leves are a waste of time) and use the following 3 leves found in Limsa Lomina:

  • Level 5: 1x Bronze Barbut (1x Ice Shard, 1x Earth Shard, 1x Bronze Plate, 1x Bronze Rivets, 1x Copper Ingot)
  • Level 10: 1x Iron Skillet (1x Ice Shard, 1x Earth Shard, 1x Iron Plate, 1x Ash Lumber)
  • Level 15: 1x Iron Cuirass (1x Ice Shard, 1x Earth Shard, 2x Iron Plate, 1x Iron Rings)


Repeatable & Economical Leves: Level 20

Limsa Lominsa: 3x Ironclad Bronze Bucklers (1x Ice Shard, 1x Earth Shard, 1x Bronze Buckler, 1x Bronze Ingot, 1x Iron Rivets)

Quarrymill: 3x Iron Celata (1x Ice Shard, 1x Earth Shard, 2x Iron Plates, 1x Iron Rings)

Most Economical – Quarrymill:  1x Iron Alembic (2x Ice Shard, 1x Earth Shard, 1x Iron Plate, 1x Iron Rivets)

Quarrymill has both the best repeatable leve and the most economical leve. Getting the Bronze Bucklers for the Limsa Lominsa leve is too much of a pain to be worthwhile. Note that the Quarrymill repeatable leve is significantly more expensive than the economical option.


Repeatable & Economical Leves: Level 25

Limsa Lominsa: 3x Steel Tassets (3x Ice Shard, 2x Earth Shard, 2x Steel Plate, 1x Aldgoat Leather)

Quarrymill: 3x Steel Chainmail (3x Ice Shard, 2x Earth Shard, 3x Steel Rings, 1x Undyed Velveteen)

Most Economical – Limsa Lominsa:  Steel Ingot (2x Ice Shard, 1x Bomb Ash, 1x Iron Ore).

Limsa Lominsa has the best options at level 25. Note that there is a leve for just turning in a single Steel Ingot that pays out about half of what three full turn-ins for the repeatable leve will reward in experience points. The economical leve is tempting here even if you want to maximize experience points. It is cheaper to just buy high quality steel ingots off the market boards and turn those in rather than to use all the raw materials needed to make 9x Steel Tassets per turn-in. Note that the high quality Steel Ingot will pay out the same total experience as a normal-quality repeatable leve will in this range.


Repeatable & Economical Leves: Level 30

Limsa Lominsa: 3x Steel-plated Jackboots (3x Ice Shard, 3x Earth Shard, 1x Steel Plate, 1x Aldgoat Leather, 1x Diremite Sinew)

Costa del Sol: 3x Steel Sabatons (3x Ice Shard, 3x Earth Shard, 2x Steel Plate, 1x Steel Rings, 1x Toad Leather, 1x Brass Ingot)

Most Economical – Costa del Sol: White Skillet (4x Ice Shard, 3x Earth Shard, 1x Steel Plate, 1x Walnut Lumber)

Limsa Lominsa has the best repeatable leve in this range, whereas the most economical leve is the White Skillet turn-in at Costa del Sol.


Repeatable & Economical Leves: Level 35

Limsa Lominsa: 3x Heavy Steel Flanchard (4x Ice Shard, 3x Earth Shard, 3x Steel Ingot, 2x Steel Rings, 1x Boar Leather)

Observatorium (Coerthas): 3x Steel-plated Caligae (4x Ice Shard, 3x Earth Shard, 1x Boar Leather, 1x Steel Plate, 1x Steel Rivets, 1x Animal Sinew)

Most Economical – Limsa Lominsa:  1x Mythril Ingot (4x Ice Shard, 3x Mythril Ore)

While the Steel-plated Caligae option in Coerthas is the best repeatable leve, I would do the non-repeatable Mythril Ingot leve in Limsa Lominsa regardless of circumstance. This leve actually pays out double what a repeatable leve pays out, meaning that the three turn-ins from the repeatable leve will only pay out 1.5x the experience of the Mythril Ingot leve. You can just buy high-quality Mythril Ingots off of the market boards for a very reasonable price (you will get the entire price back as a gil reward for the leve) and turn those in, netting double the normal experience which would actually be more than a normal-quality leve turn-in.


Repeatable & Economical Leves: Level 40

Limsa Lominsa: 3x Mythril Alembic (5x Ice Shard, 4x Earth Shard, 1x Mytrhil Plate, 1x Mythril Rivets, 1x Steel Ingot, 1x Eye of Earth)

Whitebrim (Coerthas): 3x Mythril Elmo (5x Ice Shard, 4x Earth Shard, 2x Mythril Plate, 1x Mythril Rivets, 1x Boar Leather).

Most Economical – Whitebrim:  Mythril Vambraces (5x Ice Shard, 4x Earth Shard, 1x Mythril Plate, 1x Boar Leather, 1x Peiste Leather)

The best repeatable leve and best economical leve in this range both are found at Whitebrim in Coerthas. The Mythril Elmo leve is the best repeatable leve whereas the Mythril Vambraces leve is the most affordable in the level 40 category.

With that said, I believe if you are concerned about saving gil, do the level 35 Mythril Ingot leve all the way to level 45. You can turn in high quality mythril ingots at virtually no cost as the cost for purchasing them off the Market Boards is similar to the amount of gil and shards you will receive as a reward. The high quality quest reward actually exceeds the quest reward for turning in normal-quality Mythril Vambraces in Coerthas.


Repeatable & Economical Leves: Level 45

Limsa Lominsa: 3x High Mythril Armor (5x Ice Shard, 5x Earth Shard, 4x Mythril Plate, 1x Electrum Ingot)

St. Coinach’s Find (Mor Dhana): 3x Cobalt Ingots (5x Ice Shard, 2x Cobalt Ore, 1x Iron Ore)

Most Economical:  3x Cobalt Ingots (St. Coinach’s Find – Mor Dhona).

The Cobalt Ingot repeatable leve is the best option here regardless of whether you are interested. Even turning in regular-quality ingredients, the quest actually pays for itself as each Cobalt Ingot only costs around 100-120 gil in supplies while the quest yields 400+ gil.


FFXIV Armorer Grinding Leveling Path

While Armorer does not have the best repeatable leves at early levels, it certainly makes up for it with its easy grinding options and level 35 and 45 ingot-based leves. If you want to level your Armorer by grinding out recipes, here is my recommended approach:

Levels 1-6: Bronze Ingot (1x Ice Shard, 2x Copper Ore, 1x Tin Ore). Buy the ore off the Guild Supplier.

Level 6-7: Bronze Rings (1x Ice Shard, 1x Bronze Ingot). Use the ingots created in the previous step.

Level 7-8: Bronze Plate (1x Ice Shard, 2x Bronze Ingot). Use the ingots created in the previous step.

Level 8-10: Bronze Chain Coif (1x Ice Shard, 1x Earth Shard, 1x Bronze Plate, 1x Bronze Rings, 1x Leather). Use all the ingredients created in previous steps. If you run out of ingots, you can always make more or buy them off the Tradecraft Supplier near the market boards – they are only a few gil each.

Levels 10-18: Iron Ingot (1x Ice Shard, 3x Iron Ore). Buy the Iron Ore off of the guild supplier.

Levels 18-20.5: Iron Rivets (1x Ice Shard, 1x Iron Ingot). Use the Iron Ingots created in the previous step.

Levels 20.5-22: Iron Plate (1x Ice Shard, 2x Iron Ingot). Use the rest of the Iron Ingots created two steps prior.

Levels 21-24: Iron Alembic (2x Ice Shard, 1x Earth Shard, 1x Iron Plate, 1x Iron Rivets). Use the ingredients created in the last two steps.

Levels 24-31: Steel Ingot (2x Ice Shard, 1x Bomb Ash, 2x Iron Ore). You will have to buy the Bomb Ash. Iron Ore still comes off of the guild supplier. You can turn in some of these Steel Ingots as part of the single turn-in quest if you have leve allowances. This is especially the case if you manage to craft any HQ Steel Ingots.

Levels 31-34: Steel Rings (3x Ice Shard, 1x Steel Ingot). Use the Steel Ingots created in the previous step. We will not use these Steel Rings, so you can sell them. They are just cheap and easy to make.

Levels 34-40: Mythril Ingot (4x Ice Shard, 3x Mythril Ore). Buy the Mythril Ore off of the Market Boards. You can sell the Mythril Ingots or turn them in for the single turn-in leve in Limsa Lominsa. I recommend using them for leves, especially if you HQ them.

Levels 40-50: Cobalt Ingot (5x Ice Shard, 2x Cobalt Ore, 1x Iron Ore). Buy the Cobalt Ore off of the Market Boards. Save these ingots for level 45, as you can turn them in as part of the repeatable leve at St. Coinach’s Find in Mor Dhona.

I would try not to grind too much past level 35 and instead wait for leve allowances and just turn in HQ Mythril Ingots (at 35) and HQ Cobalt Ingots (at 45). However, a lot of people are now scrambling to level Armorer since its Piece by Piece ability is needed to HQ 3-Star difficulty items and may not want to wait for leves.

FFXIV Armorer Guide Conclusion

Armorer is a bit rough if you try to powerlevel it, but if you take your time and stick to the Mythril and Cobalt Ingot leves, it is free and fast to level from 35 to 50 – you just need to be patient with your leve timers. The Armorer has among the most potential items to craft and sell in the game and can be very lucrative for those that stick to it.

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