Final Fantasy XIV ARR Goldsmithing Leveling Guide

In this Final Fantasy XIV goldsmithing leveling guide, I will be revealing the fastest method for leveling goldsmithing. This guide is for the A Realm Reborn (2.0) release of FFXIV. I will discuss tips for faster leveling, locations and required items for all of the repeatable leves, and finally grinding options for players who have already spent most of their leve allowances and want to conserve them but still level up.

How Crafting Experience Points Work

Before jumping into the guide, I first wanted to discuss how the amount of experience points you receive from crafting is determined. If you did not already know, you probably have realized that the level of the item you are crafting compared to your current level is related to receiving decent experience when crafting. The optimal range is actually quite broad, especially compared to what you would expect from other MMOs. You typically get max (or close to max) experience points by crafting items that are no more than 4 levels lower than your current level. You still get decent experience points for crafting items 5 or 6 levels lower than you, but after 6 levels the drop off is precipitous.

In addition, each item has a base amount of experience points offered for completing the synthesis with 0% quality. You only get half of this base experience point number for using the “quick synthesis” option. The higher the quality score of the item you are crafting, the more experience points you get for crafting it. While completing a synthesis, getting up to just a 15% chance of a high quality item on the crafting tab can result in 100%+ experience points multiplier for the base.

Getting a higher quality takes time, whereas quick synthesis only takes a few seconds a craft. All in all, you get about the same amount of experience per hour whether you synthesize items plainly, use quick synthesis, or try to maximize quality. The difference is that if you try to maximize quality, you need a lot less total craft attempts to level up, making it much cheaper to level goldsmithing (or any other Discipline of the Hand class). While it is a bit of a pain to maximize quality score, it does provide you with the opportunity to save some money.

Goldsmithing Leveling Tips and Options

Before discussing specifics of the leveling guide, you should first know a few tips as well as the options available to you when leveling up Goldsmithing in FFXIV:

Goldsmithing Leveling Tips

In order to level more efficiently, you will want to keep a decent set of crafting equipment. If you want to save some gil, know that you do not have to replace your armor and jewelry sets every few levels as new tiers are available. Just make sure you have an up to date mainhand and offhand as these will provide the bulk of your craftsmanship and control points. I was able to level to 50 easily with just level 20-30 armor by keeping my primary and secondary tools near my current level. Keeping your crafting sets up to date is not nearly as important when leveling as it is for Mining or Botany.

Furthermore, you can speed through the earlier levels by picking up the Engineering Manual II from your Grand Company quartermaster. This is worth using up until about level 25 – you will need 3-4 manuals to get to that level range. Finally, you should use some +% Control food. The bonus Control plus EXP bonus from using food will help increase your leveling rate. I found that the “Raw Oyster” food item was a good combination of affordability and effectiveness.

Leveling Options

When it comes to leveling up any craft in FFXIV, your only option is to complete leves or grind out crafting materials. Provision missions can provide a nice experience point boost, but it is not a substantial contributor to your leveling since you can only do these once per day. Only leves and grinding crafts provide substantial amounts of experience points.

While leves are the fastest and cheapest way to get to 50, you have a limited number of leve allowances. You can increase the amount of experience points provided by each leve by turning in high quality items, but even then you still need more than 100 leve allowances to level up to 50 off of nothing but leves. As a result, there is a section for best items to grind later in the guide for anyone interested in powerleveling goldsmithing.

My recommended approach is to grind to level 30 or even close to level 40 if you can stand the boredom. When grinding from level 33-40, you will be able to stock up all the materials you need to go from 40-50 via repeatable leves. If you absolutely cannot stand the grind of leveling crafting and are willing to just stretch out the amount of time it takes you to level, you can use Quick Synthesis to make all the materials needed for repeatable leves and then turn those in over and over again.

Repeatable Goldsmithing Leve Locations

When completing leves, “repeatable leves” are the best option. These leves allow you to turn the quest item in up to two additional times, providing the full reward with each turn-in. This allows you to get the experience point rewards of three leves for the cost of one leve allowance.

A lot of players do not realize this, but levemates at leveling camps out in the world offer different repeatable leves then those available in the major city where the craft in question is headquartered (in Goldsmithing’s case, that is Ul’dah). Sometimes these repeatable leves out in the game world feature much easier to make items and as a result can be very useful while leveling. Note: make sure you complete the “Leves of [camp name]” quest on a Discipline of Magic or War class in order to unlock tradecraft leves at a specific camp.

Below, you will find a list of all of the repeatable leves available to goldsmithing. I will also recommend the best one for leveling below. Note that repeatable leves do not start until level 20.

Level 20 Repeatable Goldsmithing Leves

Ul’dah: 3x Decorated Copper Scepters (1 Wind Shard, 1 Fire Shard, 1 Copper Scepter, 1 Brass Ingot, 1 Ragstone Whetstone).

Quarrymill (South Shroud): 3x Brass Rings (1 Wind Shard, 1 Fire Shard, 1 Brass Ingot, 1 Ragstone Whetstone).

The Quarrymill leve is recommended, as the Brass Rings are cheaper to make than the scepters and the turn in NPC in Quarrymill is close to the levemete.


Level 25 Repeatable Goldsmithing Leves

Ul’dah: 3x Silver Magnifiers (2 Wind Shards, 2 Fire Shards, 1x Silver Spectacles, 1x Silver Ingot, 1x Clear Glass Lens).

Quarrymill (South Shroud): 3x Toothed Staghorn Staves (2 Wind Shards, 2 Fire Shards, 1 Staghorn Staff, 2 Antelope Horn, 1x Scalekin Blood).

Neither one of these leves is particularly appealing. I would either do Brass Rings (level 20 Quarrymill leve) or just grind all the way to level 30.


Level 30 Repeatable Goldsmithing Leves

Ul’dah: 3x Malachite Bracelets (3 Wind Shards, 3 Fire Shards, 2x Malachite, 1x Silver Ingot).

Costa del Sol (Eastern La Noscea): 3x Malachite Earrings (3 Wind Shards, 3 Fire Shards, 2x Malachite, 1x Silver Ingot).

Either one works here since they are the same recipe. Ul’dah is nicer since the markets are right there, while Costa del Sol makes turn ins easier and is less crowded.


Level 35 Repeatable Goldsmithing Leves

Ul’dah: 3x Fire Brands (4 Wind Shards, 3 Fire Shards, 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Aldgoat Horn, 1 Eye of Fire).

Observatorium (Coerthas): 3x Mythril Earrings (4 Wind Shards, 3 Fire Shards, 1 Mythril Ingot, 1x Siltstone Whetstone).

The repeatable leve in Observatorium is recommended, although even those who hate grinding may want to consider making a large number of Mythril Ingots and Peridots during these levels as you will need quite a few for the turn-ins from levels 40 to 50.


Level 40 Repeatable Goldsmithing Leves

Ul’dah: 3x Red Coral Armillae (5 Wind Shards, 4 Fire Shards, 3x Red Coral).

Whitebrim (Coerthas): 3x Peridot Earring (5 Wind Shards, 4 Fire Shards, 2 Peridot, 1 Mythril Ingot).

Peridot Earrings are by far the preferred approach. I recommend using this quest all the way to level 50. Red Coral is very expensive, the Peridot Earrings quest pays out more experience points, and the turn in NPC is very close to the levemete for the earrings.

If you are tight on leves, turn in High Quality Peridot Earrings. For turning in 3 high quality items, you will get almost 100,000 experience points per turn in. With three turn ins, a single leve allowance provides around 275,000 experience points.

Level 45 Repeatable Goldsmithing Leves

Ul’dah: 3x Red Coral Necklace (6 Wind Shards, 5 Fire Shards, 3 Red Coral, 1 Woolen Yarn).

St. Cornach’s Find (Mor Dhona): 3x Amber Chokers (6 Wind Shards, 5 Fire Shards, 1 Amber. 2 Electrum Ingot).

I would actually not recommend either of these leves. Instead, stick to the Peridot Earrings quest in Whitebrim all the way to level 50.

Recommended Grinding Recipes

If you are out of leves or want to conserve leves, you can grind out crafts as recommended below for experience. I actually ended up grinding all the way up to level 40. It only cost 200k or so and it saved me several week’s worth of leve allowances. Given you can make this kind of gil with just a few end-game dungeon runs (exchanging tomestones for crafting materials and then selling them), it was a worthy trade off for me.

Levels 1-6: Copper Ingot (buy Copper Ore from the Guild Supplier).

Levels 6-10: Copper Scepter (buy Marbled Eyes from the Guild Supplier; use Copper Ingots crafted from levels 1-6).

Levels 11-16: Brass Ingot (buy Copper and Zinc Ore from the Guild Supplier).

Levels 16-20: Crow Fly (buy Crow Feathers on the market boards, use Brass Ingots you just crafted).

Levels 20-26: Silver Ingot (buy Silver Ore off auction house).

Levels 26-30: Rings (use your Silver Ingot + whatever gemstone is cheap to make rings; I used Sunstone as I was able to get cut sunstone for 25 gil each).

Levels 30-36: Peridot (buy Raw Peridot off the market boards).

Levels 36-40: Mythril Ingot (buy Mythril Ore off the market boards).

If you want to spend leves at this point, you can turn your Peridot and Mythril Ingots into Peridot Earrings and turn them in via the levemete in Whitebrim (Coerthas).

Level 40-43: If you have Mythril Ingots and Peridot from the previous steps but do not want to turn them in for leves, you can still craft just for the experience points. These earrings sell quickly on the Market Boards as people looking to complete the leve will buy them. Turn in the High Quality versions yourself for a huge experience point reward.

Level 43-50: Black Pearl. This is a very cheap recipe if you can find enough Blacklip Oysters to buy. It only has half the shard requirement of typical recipes in this range, so this is ideal to grind all the way to 50.

FFXIV ARR Goldsmithing Video Guide

Here is a quick guide showing everything in this text guide in video form

Repeatable leve locations and recommended grinding recipes are included as are the leveling tips found in the beginning of this post.

Goldsmithing Leveling Guide: A Summary

I found Goldsmithing to be one of the easier professions to level in Final Fantasy XIV – certainly much cheaper than both Leatherworker and Carpenter. If you have the time and patience, you can grind all the way up to level 40 without spending too much gil. You can then use all the ingredients you made while crafting from 30 to 40 to make Peridot Earrings in order to move from 40-50 in just a few hours (leve allowances permitting).

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  1. pips78pr
    12 months ago

    Captain Obvious alert! Level Mining first! If you are leveling GSM I’m assuming you are doing it to make money. Mining is pure profit and will make GSM even more profitable. This guide is amazing. But instead of buying Raw Peridot @ 30 I mined it myself. At the time there was nothing on the boards so not only did I save cash by not purchasing the materials, I profited BIG TIME by mining extra and selling it at a price I could determine and not using shards! Imagine that?? I love these guides BTW. They are Fantastic! TYVM masked person who makes them! You are the bomb!

  2. admin
    12 months ago

    Thanks for the kind comments! I agree that Peridot was the 1 area you can sometimes get ripped off on when leveling goldsmithing. If you happen to be leveling your goldsmith through that level range at the same time as another player or two, the prices can get really high.

    For the most part though, I was really disappointed in miner and wish I didn’t waste the time doing it. I find you can almost always make more gil by just farming, selling your spoils, then buying raw materials, especially if you take care to buy extra of raw materials when the prices are good.

  3. Jonashan
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    These guides are awesome! This should help me speed my level 32 Goldsmithing right along! I’m actually looking forward to picking up mining (yes, I started smithing before mining, go figure) after reading your mining guide, because I didn’t even know where to begin.

    Just another suggestion – from level 25+ you can do the Ul’dah levequest to trade in fluorite rings to the NPC in Quarrymill – it’s a very easy synth, 1 silver ingot and 2 fluorites (you can buy raw fluorite from the Goldsmithing vendor, and silver ores from the market board or mining, relatively cheap). Each trade in gives you about 33k exp, and if it’s an HQ’d ring, you get double!

    • admin
      4 months ago

      Thanks for the comment, good luck!