FFXIV ARR Mining Leveling Guide – Locations and Strategies for Fast EXP

Leveling a Discipline of the Land (DoL) class in Final Fantasy XIV is often considered painful, but it does not have to be. I recently decided to level up my Miner (which was only level 6 from legacy) all the way up to 50, and on my way I discovered a number of time-saving tips and tactics that I will be sharing below in order to make leveling up Mining much easier. By applying these tips and techniques, leveling up Mining from 1-50 may even be faster than leveling up a DoW or DoM class from 1-50!

Below, we will first discuss an overview of the best way to approach 1-50 and then discuss tips and tactics to make leveling faster as you follow through with the plan. Next up, the specific locations of the best mining camps based your current level will be listed in detail.

Finally, you will find a video guide summarizing the entire guide in-game. If you have any questions or are confused with any portion of the guide, the video guide walks through the entire thing step-by-step.

Quick Note: About Mining Camps and Nodes

Mining “camps” spawn in groups of 4 nodes that all offer similar items as a reward. These 4 nodes persist and are unique to you – you do not have to worry about what other players are doing as they will not be able to mine from the nodes you see on your screen.

Nodes operate on a forced respawn system: only two can be down at a time. If you mine all 4 nodes, the first two you mined will have already respawned. If you mine 3 nodes, one the first one you mined will have respawned. Often the fastest mining route involves cutting the most out of the way node out of your farming circle and instead just focus on the 3 that are closest in proximity. This is particularly true if one of the nodes is around aggressive monsters. Any time you have to stealth you are likely wasting time.

Quick Note #2: How Experience Points are Calculated

When mining, you get a base amount of experience points given the type of item you are trying to mine based on its level and your current level. While you get a slight bonus for mining items above your level and a slight penalty for mining items below your level, it does not become significant until you are many levels above the item you are trying to mine, at which experience points earned will drop by about 50% compared to the previous level.

For each successful mining attempt, you start to get bonus experience points. The first 4 mining attempts do not offer much bonus experience points, but on your 5th (and beyond) successful mining attempt, you get 50% bonus experience points added to the flat total.

Additionally, mining a high quality item will give you a 200% bonus to the amount of experience points earned. The perception trait is needed to mine high quality items. This does not stack with your experience points chain or any other bonuses. If the base experience points for mining an item is 300, then you will earn 900 experience points for a High Quality item. You will earn 1050 for Chain #4 and beyond on a high quality item, since the 50% bonus from the chain only applies to the base.

Due to the nature of chains and experience points, you never want to mine items that are more than a level or two above your character, while leveling off of items that are lower then your current level tends to provide more experience as the higher success rate, high quality item rate, and chain rate more than makes up for the minor experience points penalty.

Experience Points Boosters

Before we get into the specifics of the best leveling path, I first want to reveal 4 great ways to boost the amount of experience points earned in order to make the overall leveling process faster.

Survival Manual

You can purchase a “Survival Manual” from the quartermaster of your Grand Company. The quartermaster is found in the main city of your respective Grand Company. You unlock the rank required to purchase a Survival Manual by getting promoted via completing the main story quest and then talking to the personal administrator and asking for a promotion (this costs company seals, but you end up getting a large number of these from FATEs).

The Survival Manual II increases the amount of experience points you earn by 50% from regular mining actions and will give you up to 40,000 bonus experience points. Like experience points chains, it does not stack with anything but is rather additive.

If you earn 200 base experience points from mining a given item, you will get 100 bonus experience points while the Survival Manual is active for your next 400 successful mining attempts.

Since there is no level cap on this item, it is great for low level mining but more of a waste for high level miners. The Survival Manual II will last all the way from levels 1-15 but only about 1/3 of a level from 49 to 50.

Good Gear

Having good equipment is essential for leveling mining in an efficient manner. Higher gathering rates mean higher chances for success when mining, which will lead to longer chains and less failed mining attempts. Failed attempts break your experience point chain and provide no experience points.

Having higher perception will increase your chance of getting a high quality item, which massively boosts experience points. Note that your chance of getting an HQ item caps at 15%, so perception beyond that number is not beneficial.

If you have the extra gil and want to speed-level mining, consider purchasing high quality versions of mining gear. The high quality gear often has a multiple point advantage over regular gear once you reach level 20 and beyond. A high quality level 44 mining pick has more Gathering and Perception then a normal quality level 48 mining pick!


Food is also an item you will want to use when mining. You will want food that focuses on boosting gathering as a primary focus, as this will boost experience points earned the most. It is also very easy to hit the 15% high quality cap through gear, whereas you can never max out mining success rates against an item that is equal to your current level.

I recommend purchasing a stack of Tomato Pies. A stack of 99 Tomato Pies cost me about 25,000 gil. This may sound like a lot, but 99 pies will last you all the way from 1-50 (and you will even have some left over). Even at level 1 you can earn about 25k gil in 1 hour just by mining shards (at least on my server).

Provision Missions

A provision mission is a once a day mission from your grand company (completely separate from Leves) that allows you to turn in 10 a particular ingredient for a sizable experience point and seal reward. When possible, you always want to turn in high quality versions of the quest item. This rewards a 50% experience points and company seal bonus. If the mission has a star next to the name, the experience point bonus for a high quality item increases by even more.

Now that we have discussed all the caveats of leveling up mining quickly, we are now ready to discuss the best way to level up from 1-50.

Mining Leve Locations

In the leveling guide below, I recommend doing Fieldcraft leves for some of your levels. However, only specific camps offer mining leves. Here is a list:

  • Level 10 leves: Camp Horizon in Western Thanalan
  • Level 15 leves: Camp Drybone in Eastern Thanalan
  • Level 20 leves: Quarrymill in South Shroud
  • Level 25 leves: Quarrymill in South Shroud
  • Level 30 leves: Costa Del Sol in Eastern La Noscea
  • Level 35 leves: Observatorium in Coerthas
  • Level 40 leves: Whitebrim in Coerthas
  • Level 45 leves: St. Coinach’s Find in Mor Dhona

Note that in order to unlock level 15 and beyond leves, you have to first complete the “Leves of ‘Camp Name’” quest offered by the Levemete. This quest can only be completed by a Discipline of War or Magic class. Once you complete this quest, Fieldcraft leves for that specific camp will be unlocked.

If you are a very casual player, you can level up entirely off of leves. However, it takes about 200-250 leves to go from 1-50 without doing any other mining. As a result, the leveling guide below recommends grinding through the easier levels and using leves to get through difficult level ranges.

Recommended Leveling Path from 1-50:

At any given point, Fieldcraft Leves are generally the best method for leveling up mining. Once you hit level 30, even after the boost to leve rewards it still takes 5-6 leves to earn a single level. To go from 30-50 on leves alone, you will need 100-120 leves! Unless you only play 15 minutes a day, you will quickly burn through all your leve stores.

As a result, we will have to conserve our leves in order to level up quickly and efficiently. At lower levels, leves are barely faster than mining. At higher levels, leves provide a significant speed increase over grinding out mining. As a result, I recommend you save your leves for later and instead try to use the path recommended below.

Levels 1-7: Grinding

From levels 1-7, you should just head outside of town and mine shards. Shards tend to be fairly valuable, so you can make a few thousand gil during this leveling process. Copper ore is worthless since you can buy it for next to nothing from vendors. Use a Survival Manual here to speed up the process significantly.

Levels 7-9: Grinding

For levels 7-9, you can mine tin ore in Western Thanalan. The recommended camp is south of the “East Hammer” on the map. Use a Survival Manual to make this go by quickly.


Levels 9-13: Grinding

From levels 9-13, you can grind off of Zinc Ore and Obsidian, which is found at the same nodes as the tin ore – just south of the “East Hammer” on the map. The nodes are all the way up against the bottom border of the map. As usual, a Survival Manual works wonders here.

Levels 13-18: Grinding

From levels 13-18, mine Iron Ore outside of Copperbell Mines (just east of Camp Horizon) in Western Thanalan. This actually has some worth on the Market Boards. Use a Survival Manual if you can afford it.

Levels 18-23: Grinding

From levels 18-23, mine Alumen in Eastern Thanalan near Camp Drybone. The nodes spawn just above where it says “Royal Allagan Sunway” on the map. Alumen has decent resell value on the Market Boards. If you have the option, use a Survival Manual.


Levels 23-25: Grinding, Leves

For these two levels, grind off of Silver Sand southwest of Quarrymill in South Shroud at X:23, Y:21 (you can see coordinates right under the mini map). You can also do leves for these levels, as this camp is not very good. If you have no leves, use a survival manual to speed up the process.

Levels 25-29: Grinding

For these 4 levels, you can grind Silver Ore. You can make about 50k gil during these 4 levels just mining silver, so the grinding is not so bad. Silver Ore spawns just to the northwest of Buscarron’s Druthers in South Shroud.

This is the last level range that the Survival Manual still contributes meaningfully to the leveling process given its cost.

Levels 29-33: Provision Missions, Leves, Grinding

Once you hit level 30, provision missions are suddenly worth doing, so for here on out, you will always want to do these each day. Check your “timers” (main menu bar) to see the current provision mission.

At the same time, the survival manual really starts to lose its shine. It will only last about 1 full level of grinding at this point, so unless you are close to the seal cap, it is not worth using here.

I would recommend skipping these level range with Leves if you have them available. It will take about 15-20 Leves to power through the entire thing. If you do not have leves, you can grind by mining Brimstone in Upper La Noscea at X:12, Y:25.

Levels 33-39: Provision Missions, Leves, Grinding

If you have a lot of leves to burn, this will be the fastest way to move through this level range. If your leves are getting low, you can grind on Mithril Ore.

In the southeast area of Sagoli Desert in Southern Thanalan (against the bottom border, in between the mid point and the corner of the map), you will find an area with 4 nodes that contain Mithril Ore. Mithril has good resale value and the nodes themselves are fairly close together with no aggressive enemies around. I recommend ignoring the westernmost node and just running a loop with the 3 easternmost nodes.


Levels 39-43: Provision Missions, Leves, Grinding

Like the last level range, leves will be the fastest way to level up, but if you want to save your leves or make some gil, grinding Black Alumen is a good option.

Black Alumen can be found just south of Quarrymill in South Shroud in the cave on the way to Urth’s Gift. Black Alumen has good resale value and sometimes can get quite expensive, so this makes grinding in this level range very profitable. However, grinding becomes very slow at this point – expect to spend about an hour a level grinding.


I recommend ignoring the northeastern most node and focusing on the remaining three. Note that you will occasionally have to stealth to get the southernmost node if the boar is in the way.

Levels 43-50: Provision Missions, Leves, Grinding

In this last stretch of levels, by far the fastest way to level up is via leves and the daily provision mission. You can get a level up in about 30 minutes doing leves, whereas it takes about an hour and a half of dedicated grinding to get a mining level, even after the experience points buff patch.

If you are out of leves or want to make gil, you will want to mine Electrum Ore just south of Camp Bronze Lake in Upper La Nosea. Ignore the one node that offers bonus gathering attempts (you will not qualify for them until level ~48 anyway) as it is too far out of the way.

I do not recommend leveling the Electrum Ore camp even when you reach level 49, as the Cobalt Ore (level 47 item) camp is too far spread out and has an aggressive enemy nearby. It is much faster (and more profitable) to just keep mining the Electrum Ore all the way to 50.

Electrum Ore is the most expensive of the easily mined ores (at least on my server), so if you grind all the way from 43 to 50 you will end up mining a few hundred thousand gil worth of ore (no exaggeration). That is enough to purchase a full top level mining set (materia is another matter).

FFXIV Mining Leveling – Video Guide

If you prefer not to read or are confused with any aspect of this guide, all this information can be found in video format in the guide below:

The above video is a full summary of this entire guide. I also go through and specifically mention each mining camp.

FFXIV Mining Leveling Guide Conclusion

Armed with this information, you now have the fastest leveling path for mining in Final Fantasy XIV. If you have a full set of 100 leves, you can grind from levels 1-28 in about 10-15 hours of playtime. You can then proceed to burn through all of your banked leves in 15-20 more hours of playtime. If this does not take you to level 50, it will take you very close.

If you follow this approach, you can go from 1-50 in mining in 25-35 hours of playtime, making it actually quite fast to level compared to Discipline of War classes. Without any banked leves, it can take close to 80-100 hours to grind from 1-50, so it is definitely worthwhile to save your leves for mining. Make sure to speed up the process by buying the latest gear, using food, using a Survival Manual for the experience point bonus at lower levels.

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  1. pips78
    1 year ago

    Level 23-25 alternative grind = Upper Nosc, Oakwood, Fire Rock. Beats wasting Leves. There’s no aggro, Its up and down a fairly straight path AND better XP than Silver Sand. Plus no FATEs will spawn on your head!!

  2. chaz
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  3. Sake
    12 months ago

    As well, a good alternative (better imho than the guide) is farming bomb ash whenever it becomes available. I forget when but it was somewhere around 29-33. Bomb ash on my server sells for quite a bit as it is also used for multiple areas of crafting and if you’re an armorer or blacksmith than its a no brainer. Plus the exp is just as good or better, than the recommended item. This guide, is amazing however and was the main reason I got my miner to 50 so fast and made TONS of money doing it!

    Big thanks!
    Sake from siren

  4. admin
    12 months ago

    That is a good idea. It is level 26 and at Byregot’s Strike in Southern Thanalan (Forgotten Springs). It is level 26 though, which is about when you do Silver Ore or Effervescent Water, which tends to have good value too.

  5. elarnia
    11 months ago

    Great Guide! – I came to it a bit late, but will use it to level another character. Thanks for the reminder about the electrum area – I had mostly skipped over it & gone to bluefog for cobalt, but was getting really bored trying to avoid basilisks and FATEs all the time. Besides – it’s DREARY there. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed fishing in the bronze camp area. I did pick up the 4th node since my strength is high enough for it and it seems to almost always hit an HQ on that 5th hit for me. Also – you forgot the best selling point for this area – the hot springs for resting up after pounding at rocks all day! Bring your suit!

  6. admin
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    Thanks elarnia! This guide has proven to be so popular, perhaps I will take the time to do Botany and Fishing next!

  7. Afoolserrand
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    Thanks for the guide. Was not looking forward to trying mining out but your guide made it easy! 1-27 in about 10 hours of casually smacking rocks. Much appreciated.

  8. Animus
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    Rather amazing method level mining from 1-50 in two days. Made upwards to around 500k in a few hours at the later levels.

  9. Xuixien
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    Um this guide sucks if you follow this guide you’ll be always gathering at 60% rate….

  10. admin
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    Xuidienn – are you keeping your gear up to date? you should be 90%+ most of the time.


  11. Bersi motto
    9 months ago

    hey nice guide but i have a question. Is there any other option to grind from 43 to 50 without grinding electrum ore? Because on my server (shiva) it is not worth. if there is no other option i have to grind black alumen all the time :(

  12. admin
    9 months ago

    Hi Bersi

    There is only 1 level 50 node in game, a cobalt node in Northern Thanalan – and it is horrible. The nodes are so far apart and there are aggressive monsters in between. Electrum is by far the better option, even if value is very low.

  13. Bersi motto
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    Ok thank u for answering, ur guide helped me alot already lvl 42 and its fun. Now im going for 50 with electrum ore no problem.

  14. admin
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    Great Bersi – glad it helped!

  15. Dom
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    Great guide! Very well laid out and written. Any chance you’ll do the same for Botany? As I’m rather lost trying to level it without one of your guides. There other guides are too confusing or leave too much of it up to the player :(

  16. Dom
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    Sorry if this is a double post. I made a comment but not sure if I posted it right. Anyway just wanted to say great guide its helped a TON! Any news on if your releasing a Botany one the same as the Mining one?

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    Hi Dom

    Thanks for the comment. I get a lot of gil seller spam here (lol no different from game) so have to keep moderation enabled to approve comments. Botany guide is a possibility, but want to get the gil guide done as well as some other content first.


  18. Patrificus
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    “The first 4 mining attempts do not offer much bonus experience points, but on your 5th (and beyond) successful mining attempt, you get 50% bonus experience points added to the flat total.”

    i dont get it.. when i run to the next node when i finish mining one, it resets back to 0%.. currently lvl 18 and its taking ages for me to level at the allocated place(18-23 eastern thanalan) am i donig something wrong or is this just painstakingly tedious?

  19. NiteFever
    6 months ago

    Awesome guide, really helping me a lot. However you got my hopes up with the tomato pies…. They are 5000 for just 1 pie on my server. And the biggest stack available is 10 priced at 50K. I’m on ultros.

  20. jayhoo
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    best guide ive seen so far, hope you have done the botanist one also. Once im 50 im gonna look your guide up. thank you

  21. Mickk
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    Great guide, took miner from 1-50 using this guide in a few weeks of casual play.


  22. Vivi
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    I do not recommend leveling the Electrum Ore camp even when you reach level 49, as the Cobalt Ore (level 47 item) camp is too far spread out and has an aggressive enemy nearby.

    Just a *possible* typo; I do not recommend LEAVING(?) the Electrum Ore Camp?

  23. thiago
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    Why did the youtube account was cancelled?

    • admin
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      Good question, still trying to figure that out