FFXIV ARR Carpenter Leveling Guide and Repeatable Leves List

In this Carpenter leveling guide, you will discover the fastest methods for leveling Carpentry up to level 50 in Final Fantasy XIV. I will discuss leveling tips, all repeatable Carpenter leves (and my recommendations for which to choose), and the best recipes to grind on, in that order.

Why Level Carpentry

Every player interested in crafting will have to level up Carpentry to 50 at some point due to the level 50 Carpenter skill, Byregot’s Blessing. The best strategy for making higher level high quality items with normal quality ingredients involves using Inner Quest, Steady Hand II, and Standard Synthesis to build up a massive control score. Once control has built up to a large enough level, Byregot’s Blessing can be used to generate a massive amount of quality. It can even be stacked with Great Strides II to pull in 1500+ quality on “normal” conditions – enough to take any quality score from about 50% to 100% in one ability.

As a result, if you want to make gil from crafting higher level items, you will need to level up Carpentry to 50. Unfortunately, Carpenter is fairly expensive since most of its recipes involve wind shards (which tend to be the most expensive). The leveling tips and guidelines below will help you minimize the cost of leveling up Carpenter.

Carpentry Leveling Tips

Here are three quick leveling tips to improve your leveling speed while keeping your costs contained:

Keep Your Saw and Claw Hammer Up to Date

Whenever possible, use the best Saw and Claw Hammer you can for your level range. Do not worry too much about armor – you want a decent set, but sometimes the pieces are very expensive and can be outleveled in under an hour of playing. Your chest piece will provide the biggest stat bonuses, so focus on that first.

Use Crafting Food

Using food gives you a 3% experience point bonus, so try to keep this running by default. You will want food that either boosts Craftsmanship or Control. I ended up using Raw Oysters since the food was fairly cheap and provided a decent stat boost.

Use Grand Company Engineering Manual through the First 30 Levels

If you have the extra Grand Company seals, pick up the Engineering Manual II. This is particularly useful right when you start out and becomes less useful as you level up more. If you can afford it, use them all the way to level 30. You will need four or five to reach level 30 – your first two will last all the way up to level 20 even without rested experience!

FFXIV Carpenter Repeatable Leves List

Repeatable leves are the best way to level up any craft in Final Fantasy XIV. These leves are available at level 20 and allow you to turn in extra items two more times beyond the initial leve requirements. Each time you turn in additional items, you get the full quest reward. As a result, you get 3 quest rewards for the cost of just one leve allowance. You can identify these leves as repeatable leves are the only leves to ask for more than 1 item. Rather than turning in a single item, repeatable leves ask for 3-5 of a particular item.

Repeatable leves start at level 20 and continue all the way up to level 45. There is a new set of leves every 5 levels. Ideally, you will grind up until level 30 and only pick up repeatable leves once you hit 30. The reason for this is that you have a limited number of leve allowances. If you want to level up multiple crafts to 50 without taking months to do it, you have to be stingy with your leve allowances. Since grinding is much cheaper at lower levels (due to less required shards per synth), I recommend doing your grinding first and your leves later. Of course, if you have 100 leve allowances banked up, feel free to jump into the repeatable leves right away.

You get massive experience point bonus for turning in high quality items for your repeatable leves. If you are tight on leves, you can get 200% bonus (i.e. 3x the normal value) experience points by turning in all high quality versions of an item.

Note that there are two different repeatable leves for each level range: one from the Levemete in Gridania (as that is where the Carpenter’s guild is located) and one at a particular camp out in the world. Below, you will find a locations and required item list for all of the repeatable Carpenter leves in FFXIV:

Level 20 Carpenter Repeatable Leves

Gridania: 3x Ash Masks (Lapis Lazuli): 1x Wind Shard, 1x Ice Shard, 1x Ash Lumber, 1x Lapis Lazuli, 1x Clove Oil, 1x Leather

Quarrymill (South Shroud): 3x Iron Spears: 1x Wind Shard, 1x Ice Shard, 1x Elm Lumber, 1x Iron Ingot, 1x Clove Oil

I would recommend the Gridania quest here from a cost perspective. You can buy or make Ash Lumber for cheap. Clove Oil is sold from the Blacksmithing and Armorsmithing guild supplier. Leather is sold from most guild suppliers. The only ingredient you will have to buy off the market boards is Lapis Lazuli, and they are fairly cheap.

Iron Ingots and Elm Lumber on the other hand are much more expensive, making the Quarrymill quest not very appealing.


Level 25 Carpenter Repeatable Leves

Gridania: 5x Lengths of Walnut Lumber: 2x Wind Shard, 3x Walnut Log

Quarrymill (South Shroud): 3x Yew Crooks: 2x Wind Shard, 2x Ice Shard, 1x Yew Lumber, 1x Beastkin Blood

Both of these quests are fairly good, depending on the prices on your server. The Quarrymill quest tends to be cheaper if you can get enough lumber. You can also save some time and money by buying already cut walnut lumber and turning it in rather than crafting it yourself.


Level 30 Carpenter Repeatable Leves

Gridania: 3x Steel Spears: 3x Wind Shard, 3x Ice Shard, 1x Walnut Lumber, 1x Steel Ingot, 1x Crab Oil

Costa del Sol (Eastern La Noscea): 3x Steel Halberds: 3x Wind Shard, 2x Ice Shard, 1x Walnut Lumber, 1x Aldgoat Leather, 1x Steel Ingot, 1x Iron Ingot

Despite having more ingredients. the Steel Halberd quest is the winner here. Crab Oil is hard to get in sufficient quantities and often expensive.


Level 35 Carpenter Repeatable Leves

Gridania: 3x Walnut Macuahuitl: 4x Wind Shard, 3x Water Shard, 1x Walnut Lumber, 2x Wyvern Obsidian. Note there is a typo here – the game says “macuahuimeh” but means “macuahuitl”.

Observatorium (Coerthas): 3x Ash Cavalry Bows: 3x Wind Shard, 3x Ice Shard, 2x Ash Lumber, 1x Oak Branch, 1x Steel Ingot, 1x Beast Sinew

Typically the Gridania quest is better, as Wyvern Obsidian is usually very cheap and Walnut Lumber is usually cheaper than Steel Ingots. If you you need Beast Sinew for the Coerthas quest, it is available off the guild suppliers (including Weaver).


Level 40 Carpenter Repeatable Leves

Gridania: 3x Mahogany Spinning Wheels: 5x Wind Shard, 4x Ice Shard, 2x Mahogany Lumber, 2x Mythril Rivets

Whitebrim (Coerthas): 3x Mythril Lances: 4x Wind Shard, 4x Ice Shard, 1x Oak Lumber, 1x Boar Leather, 2x Mythril Ingot

The best repeatable leve here depends upon the prices of Mythril rivets. If Mythril rivets are expensive, the Whitebrim quest is a clear winner. If the prices are about the same, go with the Whitebrim quest, since the turn-in NPC is so close to the levemete. If you can get cheap Mythril rivets, you can usually buy pre-cut Mahagony lumber for a low price, making the Gridania quest a decent choice.


Level 45 Carpenter Repeatable Leves

Gridania: 5x Lengths of Mahogany Lumber: 5x Wind Shard, 3x Mahogany Log.

St. Coinach’s Find (Mor Dhona): 3x Jade Crooks: 5x Wind Shard, 5x Ice Shard, 1x Mahogany Lumber, 1x Jadeite, 1x Spoken Blood, 1x Horn Glue

The Gridania repeatable leve is hands down the better option here. Pro tip: you can buy pre-cut mahogany lumber off the Market Boards for very cheap in bulk and then turn it in to complete this quest!


Leveling up Carpenter by Grinding: Recommended Recipes:

If you are out of leve allowances or want to save them for something else but still want to level up Carpentry, you can always craft items repeatedly. You can make this less expensive by trying to get your quality score as high as possible; the higher the quality, the more bonus experience points you get.

Here are my recommendations for grinding to level as a Carpenter:

Levels 1-7: Maple Lumber (buy logs off the guild supplier)

Levels 7-10: Maple Crook (buy Beastkin Blood of the guild supplier)

Levels 10-14: Ash Lumber (buy Ash Logs off the guild supplier)

Levels 14-17: Ash Mask (buy leather and fish oil off the guild supplier)

Levels 17-21: Elm Lumber (Elm Logs from the Market Boards – somewhat expensive)

Levels 21-23: Elm Crook (buy Beastkin Blood off of the guild supplier)

Levels 23-25: Elm pattens (buy Undyed Cotton Cloth off of the NPC “Smydhaemr” in Limsa Lominsa (one of the merchants outside of the Blacksmith’s and Armorer’s Guild)

Levels 25-29: Walnut Lumber (Walnut Logs off of the Market Boards – somewhat expensive)

Levels 29-32: Elm Macuahuitl or Walnut Cane, depending on how much Elm Lumber you have left over.

Levels 32-37: Walnut Macuahuitl. You can save these for 35 and use them yourself for the repeatable leves from 35-40. If you craft from level 32-35, you will have all that you need to go from 35-40 off of leves alone. Alternatively, if you want to keep grinding, these sell quickly on the Market Boards to players looking to complete the quest.

Levels 37-43: Mahogany Lumber. You can save this up to use as part of the repeatable leves that go from 45 to 50 (which I strongly recommend). You can grind past this point, but shard costs get very expensive.

Levels 43-50: Rosewood Lumber. You can grind off of this to 50 at not too bad of a cost given that Rosewood Logs tend to be very cheap. Shards bring up the price. Each synthesis attempt will run you about 400 gil. However, in the grand scheme of things, this is still expensive.

If you max out quality each time and take your time with each craft, you can expect 5,500 to 8,000 experience points for each completed synthesis. Given that it takes about 500,000 XP to go from 49 to 50, you are still looking at about 80-90 completed syntheses just to go one level (about 30,000-40,000 gil with of materials). Across all 7 of these levels, this could easily be 150k-200k gil spent.

FFXIV Carpenter Leveling Video Guide

The video below covers the full content of this guide and shows the specific leveling camps on the map:

FFXIV Carpenter Leveling Guide – Conclusion

By following the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, leveling 50 as a Carpenter is not too difficult. If you want to do a bit of grinding, you only need about 40-50 leve allowances to get through the rough spots (namely levels 40 to 50). If you want to go from 30-50 on leves alone, you can look to use up 70 or 80 leve allowances, so if you want to level up in a timely fashion, consider spending some time leveling off of crafting.

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