Who Else Wants A Sure-Fire Method to Earning 100k, 200k, or even 400k Gil Per Hour in Final Fantasy XIV?

Are you tired of not having enough gil in Final Fantasy XIV? Think you already know the best methods for making money? Unless you are routinely pulling in an honest 200k gil or more per hour, the truth is you are not even close to maxing out your gil-making potential!

FFXIV Gil Guide

Enter The Osiris Gil Guide

The Osiris Gil Guide is not your typical MMO farming guide and I guarantee you that you will not find anything like this anywhere else. Rest assured, this guide is NOT a collection of free guides you can find elsewhere online that have been scrapped together into a .PDF file.

Instead, The Osiris FFXIV Gil Guide is something completely different and I assure you many of the strategies found within are completely unknown to the almost the entire playerbase of FFXIV. How can I be so sure? Because I can count on one hand the number of players I am competing against for my most profitable tactics – and even those competitors are not using all of the tactics outlined in this guide.

More Than Just a Guide

The Osiris Gil Guide is more than just a document outlining the most profitable activities in Final Fantasy XIV. Instead, it is provides a step-by-step repeatble strategy that players can follow to possess millions of gil within a period of time short time.

The guide provides methods accessible by even the poorest players for earning large quantities of gil. The Osiris Gil Guide then reveals in detail how this initial gil can then be invested that into crafting and then leveraged to generate maximal profit.

Have a brand new character? No problem. Our “Make Millions of Gil While Leveling” guide can be followed by new players. The end result of following this portion of our guide guide in its entirety is several million gil in the bank and a brand new class at level 50. Players leveling up their second, third, or even final class can follow this guide to make millions while getting a new class to 50 in the process.

Have an advanced character? Even better. The Osiris Gil Guide can leverage the earning potential of a level 50 character to reinvest early earnings into gear and professions that will turn into major profits.

Fact: Most Players Make No Money Off Crafting in FFXIV

Scared of crafting? You have a good reason to be. I can assure you that crafting in FFXIV is not profitable for most players. Many players end up making crafting an endless money pit. Of those players that end up making a net profit on crafting, most of those players never out-earn standard gil-making methods like farming or running dungeons. Only a fraction of players on any given server will actually generate substantial profits off of crafting, but those that do end up being among the richest players on the server.

With The Osiris Gil Guide, you could be one of those mega-rich players. The Osiris Gil Guide outlines fool-proof methods for earning gil via crafting, covering everything from which items to make for every profession, how much to mark them up, and the minimum requirements and rotations needed to guarantee crafts at different skill levels. I even reveal the optimal way to farm materia while still crafting for profit to boost your earning potential even further.

Using these strategies, you can start earning solid profits off of crafting with minimal gear and without even having any crafting classes at level 50!

Earn 130k-400k Gil Per Hour With The Osiris Gil Guide

Just how effective are these strategies? By following the tactics outlined in the guide, you can realistically top out at 400-500k gil per hour as long as you have available Market Board slots. Even when your Market Board slots are completely full, you can still make a steady 130k gil per hour by yourself (no group or dungeons required) through the techniques outlined in The Osiris Gil Guide.

Do not like crafting? No problem. Our farming guide details farming spots that can pull up to 100k gil per hour and reveals group farming techniques that can easily push 150k gil per hour!

Here are just some of the strategies outlined in The Osiris Gil Guide:

  • The Infamous “Make Millions of Gil While Leveling” Guide With A Detailed Leveling Path
  • Market Board Cheat Sheets For Every Profession: Specific Item Listings for All 40 Market Board Slots With Recommended Item Price Mark Ups
  • The Best Farming Spots Broken Down By Level Range – Make Big Gil At Any Level!
  • Full Lists of the Best Crafting Recipes For Each Profession
  • Surprisingly Profitable Lists of Easy to Craft (Non Level 50) Items That Pull In Big Profits With Low Competition
  • Detailed Crafting Rotations to Guarantee 100% HQ Rate Even With Normal Quality Ingredients
  • Recommended Material Melds for Maximizing Crafting Profitability
  • Advanced Materia Farming Guide For Efficiently Gathering Level IV Materia (Worth Up to 200k Each)!

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FFXIV Gil Guide

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The Osiris Gil Guide comes with a no-questions asked 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the guide for any reason, just send me an e-mail and I will refund your purchase with no fuss.

I offer this guarantee because I know that you are going to be thrilled with your purchase and the amount of gil you are going to be able to earn by using my guide. You can expect the same quality as delivered in my previously released Starcraft 2 guide, The Osiris Method. Here are some unsolicited: testimonials from The Osiris Method:

“I just wanted to say that your book is both very well written and entertaining to read, but makes perfect sense and effective too! Thank you, and I will be recommending it to my friends.”
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Richard Wheeler
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