FFXIV Leatherworker Leveling Guide: Repeatable Leve Locations & Grinding Options

Leatherworking has the reputation of being the most expensive profession to level in Final Fantasy XIV, but leveling Leatherworker does not have to break the bank. In this guide, you will discover the most efficient ways for leveling up your Leatherworker in FFXIV without going broke in the process.

While the Leatherworker profession is still may be more expensive than other crafts (like Goldsmithing, which barely costs at thing), it is also one of the most profitable professions to have at level 50. Leatherworkers (along with Weavers) make most of the top level crafting equipment as well as a variety leathers needed by most professions in one recipe or another.

FFXIV Leatherworker Leveling Tips

Before jumping into the guide, I wanted to mention 4 quick tips that will make leveling up your Leatherworker much easier:

Use Food

Food provides a +3% experience point bonus as well as can be used to increase your stats. I recommend using the Raw Oyster food as this provides up to +8 control and does not cost very much gil. A stack of 99 typically runs last than 10k and will last you long enough to level two professions up to level 50.

Engineering Manual II

The Engineering Manual II can be purchased from your Grand Company’s vendor for about 2,000 seals. It provides 50% bonus experience points until you earn up to 40,000 bonus experience points. It is very effective at lower levels but not so effective at high levels. I recommend using these up until about level 30 if you can afford it. You definitely want to use at least 1 starting at level 1 as it will last you all the way until level ~15.

Quality Increases EXP

You can significantly decrease the costs associated with leveling up a profession by working on maximizing the Quality Score during the craft. This will increase the total amount of experience points you earn from crafting (and the multiplier is huge). You may get 500 experience points for quick synthing an item, 1000 experience points for synthesizing it with a Quality Score of zero, and 3000 experience points for getting the Quality Score to 1000.

Mainhand and Offhand Slots are Crucial

Most of your stat points will come from your mainhand and offhand. Keeping these up to date with your level is ideal for leveling up crafting easily and quickly. You do not have to worry about constantly replacing other gear slots every few levels. Instead, you will only need 2-3 sets of armor to take you from 1-50.

Leatherworker Repeatable Leve Locations

Repeatable Leves are the best way to level up a profession in Final Fantasy XIV. These leves can be turned in up to three times in a row while using up just one leve allowance. With three turn-ins per, you can get a large portion of a level off of a single leve.

Like with any leve, you get a bonus for turning in an HQ item. By turning in a full set of HQ items, you can get up to 200% bonus experience points (three times the advertised reward). With up to three turn-ins for a repeatable leve, this means you can get potentially nine times the advertised reward for such a quest. Even at level 49, you can get over half of a level off a single repeatable leve if you turn in HQ items.

There are two repeatable leves associated with each level range. Since repeatable leves require different turn-ins, typically one repeatable leve is better than the other. Below, I have compiled a list of all the repeatable leves along with a recommendation of which one to choose based on cost and ease of completion:

Level 20 Repeatable Leves

  • Gridania: 5x Aldgoat Leather (1x Earth Shard, 1x Aldgoat Skin, 1x Alumen)
  • Quarrymill: 3x Hard Leather Cesti (1x Earth Shard, 1x Wind Shard, 1x Aldgoat Leather, 1x Beast Sinew, 1x Bronze Ingot)

The Gridania leve is much more convenient in my opinion than the Quarrymill leve. Cost-wise, they are about the same. The Quarrymill leve might be slightly cheaper but the headache is not worth the small savings.


Level 25 Repeatable Leves

  • Gridania: 3x Voyager Belt (2x Earth Shard, 1x Wind Shard, 1x Aldgoat Leather, 1x Beast Sinew, 1x Iron Ingot)
  • Quarrymill: 3x Padded Leather Duckbills (2x Earth Shard, 1x Wind Shard, 1x Leather Duckbills, 1x Leather, 1x Undyed Cotton Cloth)

The Gridania leve is much better than the Quarrymill leve. It is a serious inconvenience to make Leather Duckbills and then make the Padded Leather Duckbills for the Quarrymill leve.


Level 30 Repeatable Leves

  • Gridania: 5x Toad Leather (2x Earth Shard, 1x Gigantoad Skin, 1x Alumen)
  • Costa del Sol: 3x Goatskin Chokers (2x Earth Shard, 1x Aldgoat Leather, 1x Diremite Sinew)

The Costa del Sol leve is much cheaper than the Gridania leve. Aldgoat Leather and Diremite Sinew are both very cheap off the Market Boards (or you can make the Aldgoat Leather yourself).


Level 35 Repeatable Leves

  • Gridania: 5x Boar Leather (4x Earth Shard, 1x Boar Hide, 1x Alumen)
  • Observatorium (Coerthas): 3x Boarskin Choker (4x Earth Shard, 3x Wind Shard, 1x Boar Leather, 1x Hippogryph Sinew)

Both leves have about the same cost, but the Boar Leather leve is much easier to do in my opinion. You can save a lot of gil by buying Boar Leather off of the Market Boards. You can often find it for much less than it costs to make (often around 200 gil each). Just buy stacks of it and then turn those in.


Level 40 Repeatable Leves

  • Gridania: 3x Boarskin Harness (1x Boar Leather, 2x Steel ingot, 1x Aldgoat Leather)
  • Whitebrim (Coerthas): 5x Peiste Leather (4x Earth Shard, 1x Peiste Skin, 1x Black Alumen)

The Whitebrim leve is a much better option as Peiste Skin and Black Alumen both tend to be quite cheap. It is cheaper and easier to do than the Boarskin Harness leve.


Level 45 Repeatable Leves

  • Gridania: 3x Peisteskin Cesti (5x Earth Shard, 1x Steel Ingot, 1x Peiste Leather, 1x Raptor Sinew)
  • St. Coinach’s Find (Mor Dhona): 5x Raptor Leather (5x Earth Shard, 1x Raptor Skin, 1x Black Alumen)

The Raptor Leather leve at St. Coinach’s Find is the best choice here. Like Boar Leather, you can sometimes find very cheap Raptor Leather on the Market Boards. Leatherworkers are eager to synthesize this since it builds up spiritbond on top-level gear.

Recommended Leatherworker Grinding Options By Level

Levels 1-5: Leather - 1x Earth Shard, 1x Animal Skin (buy from guild supplier)

Levels 5-13: Hard Leather - 1x Earth Shard, 1x Animal Hide (buy from guild supplier)

Levels 13-17: Hard Leather Choker – 1x Earth Shard, 1x Wind Shard, 1x Hard Leather, 1x Beast Sinew (use Hard Leather you made the previous levels, buy Animal Hide off guild supplier)

Levels 17-24: Aldgoat Leather - 1x Earth Shard, 1x Aldgoat Skin, 1x Alumen (buy both off Market Boards. Consider turning in for repeatable leve at Gridania).

Levels 24-30: Goatskin Choker - 2x Earth Shard, 2x Wind Shard, 1x Aldgoat Leather, 1x Diremite Sinew (buy Diremite Sinew off Market Boards. Consider turning in for repeatable leve at Costa del Sol)

Levels 30-35: Boar Leather - 4x Earth Shard, 1x Boar Hide, 1x Alumen (consider turning in for repeatable leve in Gridania – this starts to get expensive).

Levels 35-36: Boarskin Choker - 4x Earth Shard, 3x Wind Shard, 1x Boar Leather, 1x Hippogryph Sinew (consider turning these in for the repeatable leve at Observatorium in Coerthas)

Levels 36-40: Peiste Leather - 4x Earth Shard, 1x Peiste Skin, 1x Black Alumen (buy Peiste Skin and Black Alumen on the Market Boards)

I would recommend using the Peiste Leather for the repeatable leve at Whitebrim to power from levels 40-45.

Levels 40-50: Raptor Leather - 5x Earth Shard, 1x Raptor Skin, 1x Black Alumen (buy off Market Boards)

If you make Peiste Leather from 36 to 40, you will get to about level 45 or so just from turning in that Peiste Leather in Whitebrim. You can then make Raptor Leather for a level or two and then turn in that Raptor Leather at St. Coinach’s Find at that repeatable leve to hit level 50. I strongly recommend not grinding through this level range – it is far too expensive.

Final Fantasy XIV Leatherworker Video Guide

The video below summarizes this guide and discusses leveling up Leatherworker in detail.

FF14 Leatherworker Leveling Guide – Conclusion

Leveling up Leatherworker is expensive, but you can significantly reduce the costs by sticking to the repeatable leves recommended in this article. You can also save some gil by waiting for cheap Boar and Raptor leather to appear on the Market Boards, buying it, then turning it in for the quest reward. For those that stick it out, the rewards are great, as Leatherworking is a very profitable profession in FFXIV.

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  1. andrew
    4 months ago

    will definitely be using this later today. i already made it to lvl 28 so i’ll skip buying the engineering manual but this will be useful for my friend who is around 15.

    also, keep all that stuff that monsters drop because chances are you will be able to use it in crafting in another profession. the lower level stuff can usually be bought at your profession’s vendor, and some of the mid level stuff is sold elsewhere (like beast tribe vendors) so don’t forget to check before you get swindled on the market board.

    there’s also an app that square-enix has called Libra Eorzea that let’s you look up items and tells you where you can buy/find them and what you can craft with them.